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My name is John Higgins and I started Moon Design in 2019 as a studio specializing in web and graphic design. After years of photography, graphic, and web design experience at agencies and in house creative services, I wanted to scratch every creative and typographic itch and design my own studio. I am based in Carol Stream, Il, but through the wonderful creature of the Internet can serve clients worldwide.



I promise it’s neither cliche nor non-distinctive. The great creative director Stefan Mumaw explains that something is a creative solution if it has two attributes: novelty and relevance. It must be novel because the visual solution should be new - new to the company and new to the specific market. But novelty must be combined with relevance - that is, the visuals actually communicate the band, solving the visual problems. And may visual and communications problems occur when websites, logos, or branding is lopsided, novel without relevance or relevant with novelty.

A financial planner may have a novel website that looks like a brewery, but it would lack relevance. Most likely the visual style requisite of a brewery will be off-putting to clients looking for reliable, honest, and sharp financial planners.

Equally deficient, we may use an austere template or copy the visual style of Bank of America, but lack novelty - not communicating the distinctive character of this financial planner. Companies are as unique as persons, and the visual design should be identically unique.


Let me share an insider baseball design world tip. Among web design firms, there are different flavors. The first type come to web design through the technical side. These firms can create robust web apps with user login systems and rich functionality. The second type come through the design side. These are obsessive about elegant and expressive design, type, color, and layout.

Moon Design is the latter.


Google has stated that the top two ranking factors are content and links. Yet many times clients think that getting a new website will naturally start generating traffic and leads. This may be true if you have good traffic and reputation already, but if not, a new website won’t change that. For this reason I include a simplified content strategy for every new redesign.

I want every person or company who works with me to not just receive a beautifully designed website, but also know how to use it. And I want them to know how to use it to solve their clients and prospective clients problems and, in that way, grow their business.

If these kinds of things sounds like the kind of company you are looking for you can contact me in the contact section. If you’re looking for something else, thanks for the consideration.

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